Our purpose is to participate in and create inclusive spaces where doulas can unite and amplify our abilities to serve our communities.  We seek to advocate for social change, shift current oppressive trends within the doula community, create equal access to training, and share in our passion for birth work.

Seattle Doula Collective spent its first year of business serving our community in a creative and radical way.  4 doulas sharing clients, call shifts, and earnings.  We were honored to facilitate pathways for underserved communities to have access to doula care and to share opportunities with budding doulas, looking for more experience and camaraderie.  Along the way, we discovered that the deep passion of SDC is rooted in social justice work.  After our year of doing business in the existing Pacific Northwest doula climate, we think our efforts now need to address how our own privilege can be checked in order to participate in a larger and necessary shift from oppressive trends.

We are excited to move forward with the vision of shifting SDC into the hands of many and reaching out further into the doula community.  We see SDC becoming a resource for radical, anti-racist doulas in the Pacific Northwest.  Some initial ideas we have for possible future structures include being a more dynamic certifying body, creating a sustainable fundraising plan, and making it possible for doulas to share power/responsibilities within the organization.  As a former LLC, we have a valuable name, website and other resources already at our disposal.  We want to hear from the community about how to make them the most useful.

Stay tuned for our first vision meeting in late Summer/early Fall!